Among more than hundreds of restaurants and more than 400 chefs in the region, we have brought the best Chefs to town to help the city reclaim its title as the best food of the Middle East with some involving notable chefs and restaurateurs.
We are bringing in world-renowned chefs to make Erbil among the food capital of the Middle East.
Lovers of good food, Iraqians are attached to the philosophy of the traditional restaurant, seen by many as a second home. Mezza, grilled meat, Daily Homemade Dishes, customers often stay for hours, socializing and enjoying popular background music.
This unswerving loyalty enables restaurants serving our cooking to remain unruffled through the years and trends.
"The dozens of cold and hot plates that come under the heading of meze — like hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, sheep meat, grilled meat, savory filled pastries, assorted kibbees and the like — are appreciated according to the finesse of the preparation." - Chef Rabih

We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have our very own chef Nasib ,whose long gastronomic experience includes cooking for major Restaurant and hotels throughout the Gulf Region. Therefore, when people say that the cuisine at Le Sumer is just awesome, they are absolutely right.
With over 20 years of experience in the F&B business, Chef Rabih is a consultant that stands out from the rest. He is continuously creating and proposing new ideas, making sure that expectations are always met professionally  With leading F&B clientelle in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Erbil, and UAE. He helped Le Sumer started up the business the right way and increase revenues.