About Le Sumer

Get to know us

Le Sumer is conveniently located for business meetings and corporate events as well as for lunch and dinners or family celebrations. Business leaders, Celebrities, Political figures, and native Iraqi People have all come through our doors to experience our  cuisine presented in a fresh, upscale and welcoming atmosphere.
We at Le Sumer pride ourselves with using the best meats including the special sheep meat. All of our high quality meat are butchered on premises and hand selected for perfection. You will also enjoy our variety of delicious soups, salads, starters, chicken,shawarma and fresh daily dishes.



Our story begins with a secret recipe for the "Sheep Shawarma", a unique approach to cooking meat, perfected in the Erbil. Le Sumer recipe has its own signature for all the items available in the restaurant.
We’ve introduced a new set of secret sauces to complement our variety of shawarma flavors. We’ve developed a strong appreciation and audience for the effort put into our product.
All the daily dishes, sandwiches and the sauces are all now available in our first location in Erbil.